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As actors, we are often told to have an easily accessible website to showcase us, but the process is undoubtedly overwhelming. Well, here's where I intervene! I am here to translate your entire essence onto the web page. My websites are individualised, aesthetically pleasing, detail oriented and user friendly. Each website has its own personality and flair. With my impeccable aesthetic eye and coding/design knowledge, I would love to help you create a website that you feel reflects and speaks your language.




How is your spirit today?How is your spirit today?



What is your process like?

It's actually really simple! I ask you a bunch of specific questions and I run with your answers. I let whatever you tell me or send my way inspire me. The process as a whole is very collaborative. By the end of the design process, our email chain will be very long haha. ​

How fast is your turnaround time?

Depending on how much content you have and what my daily schedule is like, it varies. I have had instances where I finish a website in 2 days, and others in 2 weeks. But in general... lightning fast. ​

What hosting platforms do you design on?

Currently, I'm limiting myself to Wix and Squarespace for actor sites because these platforms allow the actors to self manage their own website upon completion.

How did you acquire such specific aesthetic taste?

I'm obsessed with colours and shapes, as well as making things look pretty. Growing up in Hong Kong has a lot to do with it... a very fancy place with a lot of fancy places where design elements were crucial. It's all in the details, symmetry and the asymmetry in the symmetry (I know you're probably thinking... what?)

Do I have to keep paying you for updating my website?

No! After I create your website, you're in control of it. I will be there to guide you if and when you ever need to edit your content, and I always give the option of video tutorials after I'm done with your site. ​

I want to DIY my website. Do you do consults instead on how I can improve my current site?

Yes! I do. A lot of people ask for consults if they are looking for a more cost efficient way to uplevel their site and want to do it themselves. These consults are available for $75. I type up a very detailed list of all changes I would incorporate if I were to revamp your site.

Are you available for revamps for a section of my website at a lower price?

Unfortunately, no. If I revamp your website, it will not be a section of it. It will be the full site.

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